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Detoxify Beauty

Detoxify is a natural, cruelty-free skincare range that provides results you can actually see and feel. They believe it’s key to treat the cause of the problem, rather than mask it. Their range of skin care products are ethically sourced and produced so their customers get only the best care using the best ingredients. Detoxifying beauty with one treatment at a time!

Logo, Product and Website Design + Social Media Setup

Detoxify came to us to set up all of their branding and marketing funnels. They were starting from scratch with just their products to hand and were looking for a customer journey that accurately captured their brands vision.This included their logo, product mockups, packaging and website. Traffic previously was an issue so they needed a traffic source for their new store from us as well.

Our Solution.

After an in depth brand consultation we got to work on designing the new Detoxify brand. We went for a modern look that had a quality feel to it and accurately represented their vision. After initial mockups we built packaging and marketing materials. Next was an SEO friendly, fast, mobile optimised website that their customers could visit and buy from. Traffic was needed so we created social media profiles and content to get the brand out there. Ads would be used later to further promote the range. The result was a full circle marketing funnel for Detoxify to push out to the world!